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Vickie Adams delivers a proven ability as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ to help clarify financial concepts and keep your clients confident and composed during the difficult divorce settlement process.

She helps your clients focus on the big picture and comprehend an integrated financial strategy. This makes your work sessions and settlement discussions more productive. Vickie’s best asset is educating clients on the financial realities of each divorce situation as well as management of the client’s expectations. She handles the monotonous and distracting financial details, allowing you to focus on your client’s case. Her detailed and precise reports help eliminate potentially costly financial errors.

Vickie is an objective and experienced Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ whose only aim is to protect and uphold your clients’ monetary interests. She is an expert in divorce and financial analysis, with a detailed understanding of California’s divorce laws. Her financial expertise in tax law, divorce, and planning supplements your legal efforts in obtaining the best settlements possible for your clients.

Financial Tasks by Vickie Adams for Attorneys Include:

  • Pre-Divorce Information Gathering and Fact Finding

  • Life Style Analysis

  • Organizing and Analyzing Financial Data

  • Developing Financial Reports

  • Review and Analysis of Proposed Settlements and Divisions of Property

  • Presenting Alternative Financial Scenarios