Frequently Asked Questions

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A Certified Divorce Financial Planner or CDFA® is someone licensed by the IDFA (Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts): They have additional training, and are experts in the financial aspects of the divorce code in their state (California and Colorado in my case), and subject to oversight.

Your mind is full of “What ifs.” 

  • What would my lifestyle look like if I left my spouse?
  • How will a divorce affect my finances?
  • Can I afford to remain in my house?
  • Will I have to pay spousal support?

Bringing a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®) into the process early on will help you address each of these concerns. As a CDFA®, I am an expert in the financial issues of divorce. It’s my role to analyze your finances and needs, then review various settlement options and how they will impact you. Working with a CDFA® positions you for the best possible outcome.

Absolutely not. Consulting with a CDFA® is like any other financial planner. It's good to explore your options. By consulting a CDFA®, you aren’t starting your divorce or filing anything; instead, you are gathering information from an expert who helps people just like you.

As a CDFA®, I can help you stay out of court. My fees are often 30 to 50 percent less than the average CA lawyer. As this is my area of expertise, it will also require fewer billable hours to provide you with a clearer financial picture.

Every situation is unique. Determining what yours will look like requires analyzing your current financial situation - your income, assets, and debts. Together, we’ll determine your financial priorities and what is feasible. Tax implications need to be considered.

Like many of my clients, you may feel unsure of certain aspects of your financial situation. Sure, as a couple you have a high net worth, but what would happen if you left your husband? What if you were surprised by a divorce, what happens then? Can you afford your current lifestyle? 

Perhaps, like many of my clients, you may want to know what it will cost you to divorce if you are the higher earner." change it to: "If you are the higher earner. you may want to know what your spousal support will cost you."

California has a unique divorce code. For decades, I have specialized in guiding individuals through high net worth and high-conflict divorces, in both Northern and Southern California.

Additionally, I have been involved in complex business valuations; separating family businesses and private partnerships; and restricted stock options. Each client gets a personalized strategy session to discuss and assess their unique needs. There are no cookie cutter solutions.

When you work with me, you'll know how your settlement will affect your lifestyle for years to come.

As a divorce financial neutral, I am trained to work with both parties to reach an fair agreement. Hiring one financial expert instead of two can save time and money. Even if each party is represented by an attorney, a CDFA® working for both parties as a neutral can minimize confusion and conflict.

Yes, I offer a package to Demystify Your Mediation. You can click here to learn more. You’ll learn the skills to negotiate a win for you.

Yes, I'll be with you every step of the way: I work in tandem with your divorce attorney to help facilitate a smooth process from start to finish, to translate the consequences for you, and to help you make real-time decisions.

How can I help you?

  • I’m thinking about getting a divorce:

    How much spousal support will I have to pay? Will I lose my assets?

  • I’ve seen an attorney.

    I want help with preparing the disclosure document.

  • I don't understand the day-to-day workings of our marital finances.

    I don’t understand our joint finances & investments.

  • Liaise & Translate w/ Attorney & CDFA®

    I want you to liaise with the attorney and CDFA® and translate what the attorney is saying and what that means to me financially.

  • Not prepared; negotiate the money part

    I'm thinking about or I feel coerced into using mediation and realize I am not prepared to represent myself and/or negotiate the money part to my advantage.

  • Renegotiate Settlements

    I need to help on settlement issues post-divorce.