Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® & Certified Financial Planner®

Mediation for Couples – Financial Neutral


Mediation can save you money by hiring one professional to keep you both informed, and make decisions jointly. That is what I can do for you both as a financial neutral. Whether each party is represented by an attorney or a mediator, I can save you both stress, confusion, and time.

Your settlement will shape the rest of your financial life. I offer financial mediation to divorcing couples that desire to achieve smooth solutions through discussion and compromise. Financial mediation is an opportunity to communicate with your spouse and reconcile long-standing financial issues with a fresh, neutral and objective perspective. You will reach the best outcomes for both of you.

I provide you with the two things you need most in order to reach an agreement with your spouse regarding your divorce settlement: Clarity and insight. While it may seem that the goal is to divide community property 50/50, not every asset and debt must be divided equally.

If one of you wants to keep the house or the pension, the other will likely receive fewer of the remaining assets. I can estimate the pre-tax and after-tax values so each party understands the true value of an asset.

I am a financial expert with years of experience dealing with the financial and tax implications of high net worth and complex divorces, in California.

Let’s meet and discuss your specific situation.