Demystify Your Mediation

Do you know that most successful mediators spend as much time or more preparing for a mediation as they do in the mediation itself?

Don’t let the informal, non-courtroom appearance of a mediator’s office lull you into the thinking that there is no need to prepare and it will all work out. Let me mentor you through your mediation.


You'll bring the same disagreements you had in your marriage into the mediator's office. That's whay you need me on your side for a fresh strategy.

As an experienced financial neutral and mediator, I can work with you to:

  • Explain your responsibilities during the mediation process.

  • Guide you through the maze of paperwork required.

  • Help create a roadmap for your financial strategy.

Money Mediation Masterclass Package

In my Demystify Your Mediation package, I mentor you throughout your divorce mediation. We meet after each mediation session to review & revise your strategy. We’ll discuss which proposals are on the table, and prepare for the next session. You’ll master your mediation, confidently advocating for yourself.

  • Know Your Numbers:

    • We will identify assets, debts, and income streams.
    • I will help you complete accurate finance disclosures and review your spouse’s disclosures.
    • I'll illustrate child support ranges and how they impact your life.

  • Know Your Interests:

    • We will identify your financial priorities.
    • Together, we'll determine if your priorities are feasible or fictional.
    • I will model various divisions of asset scenarios, so you understand their tax impact.

  • Understand Your Outcome:

    • You'll learn effective language to express your position.
    • I'll help you confidently advocate in own best interest.
    • You'll understand the consequences of your concessions.
    • I will guide you to strategize a win for you.

“In business as in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.”

— Chester L Karrass