3 Details NOT to Be Put Off to Your “Post Divorce” Checklist By Vickie Adams

3 Details NOT to Be Put Off to Your “Post-Divorce” Checklist

Most people don’t realize there is anything left to do after the divorce agreement is finalized. Once they’ve hammered out the details of the divorce settlement, signed on the dotted line, and accepted their fate, many clients assume that their attorney is going to take care of all the transitional issues for every item. However,…

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The Importance of Estate Planning During Divorce By Vickie Adams

The Importance of Estate Planning During Divorce

At least once a year, I invite clients in to conduct portfolio and beneficiary reviews on all important documents. It’s a rare year where I don’t find at least one policy or investment where an ex-spouse is still named as the beneficiary of the policy proceeds. Since IRAs, retirement plans, life insurance, and annuities are…

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Life Is Short. Have an Affair. By Vickie Adams

Life Is Short. Have an Affair.

Last week’s New York Times Technology headline, “The Ashley Madison Data Dump, Explained,” further delighted all who believe in the karma bus. The initial reports about the hack did not cover the moral aspect of cheating as much as the perils of being caught. Websites abound making the results easily available including names, as well…

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Discovering the Fraud She Perpetrated on Him By Vickie Adams

Discovering the Fraud She Perpetrated on Him

Recently, a bankruptcy lawyer sent me a client, who had been sent to him by a divorce attorney. Here’s how we uncovered the fraud my client’s wife had been perpetrating: 6 months prior, while my new client was at work, his wife had moved out. She had taken every stick of furniture. His bank accounts…

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How to Avoid Being Unhappy With Your Divorce Settlement By Vickie Adams

How to Avoid Being Unhappy With Your Divorce Settlement

{3 minutes to read} In my years as a financial planner, I noticed distressing trends within my client base. Those who had been through the divorce process either did not understand their financial settlement or were unhappy with the outcome. Many were wiped out financially. People tend to make costly errors when they don’t take…

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What Is a Lifestyle Analysis? By Vickie Adams

What Is a Lifestyle Analysis?

Divorce is a time of uncertainty in many areas. In most marriages, it is not unusual for one spouse to have a more “hands-on” role or a better understanding of the household finances. If you were responsible for other duties and less focused on finance, it is critical to ask yourself, “Do I really understand…

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Raise Your Financial IQ for the New Year

It’s the perfect time of year to raise your financial awareness. You can take control right now. Pick Up The Pieces of the Puzzle: Grasp the Bigger Picture Back in 2012, the Time Magazine cover story described how women would soon replace men as the primary bread winners, and all the ramifications of this growing trend.…

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Vickie Adams, https://mydivorcefinancialplanner.com, introduces her divorce financial planning services.

Vickie Adams’ Divorce and Wealth Management Blog: An Introduction

Welcome to my blog. I am Vickie Adams, Certified Financial Planner® and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™,  located in San Pedro, California. I’ve had my own independent practice since 1991. As an independent planner, I‘m able to devote the time to focus on your individual needs exclusively. In addition, I have the freedom to select from a…

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