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Divorce can be the catalyst
for reassessing life goals.

Post divorce, your financial security is our primary concern. Vickie Adams will help you identify your goals and align your assets to compliment your preferences, life events and interests.
Five Star Professional Wealth manager
Five Star Professional Wealth managerOperating within a boutique Wealth Management setting, her firm provides a platform of best in class services supported by research and education that far exceeds industry standards.

She follows a disciplined approach to Wealth Management that outlines 9 critical issues that clients are likely to face at some point in their lives. This framework allows her to focus on your vision for your financial future, in addition to the immediate needs at hand.

Vickie’s belief in frequent on-going client communication allows her to anticipate which of those key issues will be in the fore-front while focusing on a client’s complete financial picture. This approach affords her clients the freedom to live their lives in the way they desire, while she manages the details.

Each client is unique. Therefore every plan is specifically crafted to support your preferences and comfort level.

As an independent Certified Financial Planner™, Vickie is committed to providing objective advice. Her clients’ financial well-being and peace of mind is her only concern. The ability to provide dynamic wealth management solutions has enabled her to build an esteemed client base that seeks her guidance or all their financial concerns. Her client relationships are lifelong and multi-generational.

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